Cylindrical Lithium –Ion Cell ( Rechargable)

Cylindrical Lithium –Ion Cell ( Rechargable)

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Lithium-ion batteries are in the group of rechargeable batteries. We can offer solutions according to your needs (Lithium-Ion Cell, Prismatic Lithium-Ion Cell, Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Cell)

Usage Areas;
Prismatic and Cylindrical Lithium Ion batteries are used in cellular phones, backup power supplies, UPS, E-bikes and digital products.


  • High Energy Density
    The density of lithium-ion batteries can have a variety  according to the chemicals.The specific energy density can have variety from 100 wh/kg  to 125 wh/kg ; Volumetric energy density can have variety from 250 wh/L and up to 300 wh/L.
  • High Voltage
    The operating voltage of a single Lithium-ion cell is 3.7V. This is equals to 3 series nickel cadmium batteries or nickel metal hydrogen batteries.
  • Life
    There is a self-discharge rate of 2%. This is half of the nickel cadmium or hydrogen battery ratios.
  • Environment Friendly
    It does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury. It is suitable for the international standards..